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About us

You’re already a Babe. You’re sexy, powerful, beautiful, and confident. You may just not know it yet... FitBabes is here to remind you of how exceptional you are :-)

The 30 Days FitBabes Program is your custom guide to discovering your inner Babe-ness. Your weapon to becoming a FitBabe. The potential is already inside of you. YOU have the power. So here’s the plan.

Being a FitBabe is NOT a diet. Being a FitBabe means being a part of a community of girls - of all ages and walks of life - who empower and encourage each other. We are actively involved with the pr ogress of every FitBabe, no matter where they are in their journey. 

We share our struggles and our victories with each other. We are in this T O G E T H E R.

Our 30 Days FitBabes Program - will teach you what eating ‘clean’ actually means and how to do it. No matter what your particular nutrition preference, will show you some sample meal plans for each. This guide contains a week sample plan for each  : Regular, Vegetarian or Paleo.

That’s pretty much every popular nutrition plan out there! You can take a look and see which plan is right for you. Once you decide, you download/print the full 30 day meal plan, with complete grocery lists and recipes, and you are ready to go !

In the 30 Days FitBabes Program, we’ve got your workouts covered too. We have some super quick 7 minute HIIT workouts for busy FitBabes. We’ve even put them into a 30 day schedule for you to follow. Just put it on your calendar and check the days off.

FitBabes love social media! We know that workout selfies are cries of victory, meant to encourage both ourselves and our FitBabe friends. Here’s where our community lives :

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Instagram : @FitBabesGuide - Use the hashtag #FitBabesClub on your awesome pictures so we can all follow your progress. Better yet, create a new Instagram profile just for your FitBabes journey. Post your food pictures, sweaty workout selfies, and other inspirational images. Remember to use the hash tag #FitBabesClub!

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Your time is NOW - get the 30 Days FitBabes Challenge today !